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Commercial and Industrial Site Evaluation/Selection


Commercial and Industrial Site Evaluation/Selection

National site location, evaluation, and selection services are a Stellar Properties specialty. Guidance through early planning includes analyses of logistics for inbound raw material and outbound product, labor cost, transportation cost, taxes and abatements, infrastructure capability, quality of life, governmental incentives, planning and zoning requirements, permitting and total acquisition costs.

Involving Stellar Properties early in the planning stages can be beneficial to fulfilling long-term goals. While our clients focus on the business goals of their daily operations, Stellar Properties integrates the project objectives into all aspects of real estate development. Site evaluation and selection can involve tedious research, but Stellar Properties remains dedicated to locating the best property for your long-term business objectives.


Stellar Properties employs the best licensed professionals who will aid you in managing your properties, and research to find you the perfect properties, in the right location. Contact us today and speak to our experienced professionals who will help you get started.

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