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Improve Home Value With The Holidays


The holidays are here, and with them comes Christmas cheer, giving of thanks, festivals of lights and the ushering of a new year! However, it is important to remember that there are many practices from people with different upbringings – all of them expressing the holidays in their own unique way.

However, representing every holiday not only keeps all homeowners happy, but helps increase neighborhood value. An experienced HOA should be diligent in creating vibrant, appealing decorations that are welcoming to all. Those HOAs which only select a certain holiday may face some complaints from home owners which could negatively affect home values.

Let’s look at some best practices for keeping the holidays happy for everyone!

celebrating chanukah neighborhood

Keep it Equal

1) Remember the golden rule of real estate – never give the residents of your neighborhood the impression that you are partial to any particular holiday.

The FHA, along with other housing laws protect residents from discrimination – usually in the area of reasonable accommodations, but it has been applied to religious discrimination. This kind of litigation could be costly, in more ways than one. Imagine the repercussions if news of an alleged religious discrimination charge were posted on social media or the local news. The damages, far beyond the court and settlement costs, such as the intangible damage of a tarnished reputation, could be devastating.

Build a Community

2) It is important then to keep a united community – which in turn will help create a more appealing community that will attract buyers and help stabilize market value. The holidays after all are a reflection of goodwill, cheer and joy. Why not create an environment that encourages neighborhood-wide participation? The most common way HOAs do this is by setting up holiday displays in common neighborhood areas.

Most people keep it safe by only putting up general, secular, holiday decorations – decorations that carry no religious context according to the majority of spectators. However, it could be possible, and even more fun to represent more holidays that way inter-religious conversation can be started.

Check The Bylaws

3) The most important step to take is to read the bylaws provided by the HOA. This will ensure that both tenants and board members alike are in agreement for decorations in public areas. It is also helpful to remember, that FHA laws do not apply to religious displays set up by private homeowners, only to common ground displays.

Remember that the key to a healthy neighborhood is community, equality and activities – make sure to include those in your holiday decorations. Happy Holidays!



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