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Most home buyers can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed amid the dizzying stacks of paperwork and get bogged under the stupefied haze of moving into a dream home. It comes as no surprise that most homeowners never reflect on whether or not their home or neighborhood will retain its value. Not many potential buyers picture their neighborhoods changing or even devaluing for the worse years down the road. This is why HOAs are so important.

Stellar Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage offering a variety of professional services for residential and commercial properties, including industry leading HOA management. Home Owner’s Associations are critical in keeping the value of a neighborhood. When it comes to management, however, it is critical to select an experienced manager who will consistently do the job right.

To understand what good looks like, let’s explore an HOA manager’s key responsibilities. Simply put, a manager is responsible for ensuring neighborhoods retain their value by enforcing deeds, collecting maintenance fees and taxes, keeping landscaping and and holding HOA meeting for residents.

An HOA manager is in charge of organizing all aspects within a community to improve the neighborhood. To specify, HOA is a general term referring to a broad group of services agreed upon for different types of communities. These communities range from condominiums, to single family homes and town houses.


Our goal since opening for business in 1997 has always been to provide exceptional work ethic and professionalism with unparalleled attention to detail. Motivated by our commitment to better serve, we employ only qualified and experienced managers of Home Owner’s Associations as primary contacts for our clients. With years of experience in the field and a list of satisfied clientele, we are confident Stellar Properties can provide you the best HOA experience.

Professional Services
Using HOA services is direct, simple step to keeping your neighborhood running smoothly and free from confusion. At Stellar Properties we provide accurate and reliable accounting services for all our clients. We specialize in operating Escrow accounts, monthly billing, community dues and planning for long-term maintenance funds. Our HOA managers are specifically trained to overcome all unforeseen issues and set backs found in managing community finances and accounts.

Our services ensure that your HOA will not fall into difficult situations such as non-payments and late-payment cycles. We ensure professional, courteous notices for home owners while facilitating legal action for collections, and our attorneys provide powerful monitoring of delinquent accounts and legal issues. With our attention to detail and dedication for excellence, you’ll community will be happy and satisfied.


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Stellar Properties employs the best licensed professionals who will aid you in managing your properties, and research to find you the perfect properties, in the right location. Contact us today and speak to our experienced professionals who will help you get started.

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